Spaces of Life

Spaces of Life: The Art of Sonya Rapoport surveys 35 years of Sonya Rapoport’s art. Rapoport is a Conceptual artist who has used multiple systems of organizing and analyzing information to explore the spaces of her home, in order to understand her life and to create connections with others. Spaces of Life includes a selection of works in which Rapoport has applied interactive processes and methods of analysis to objects and experiences emanating from her domestic life – inserting herself into those systems as well as opening them to the participation of others. She consistently makes analogies between the actual spaces and details of her home and her own psycho-emotional and intellectual spaces, as well as places of significance from her past that relate to her husband, children and grandchildren. The conceptual portraits of Rapoport’s family members in this space reflect her lived experiences, framed within rigorously formal structures, and clearly shaped by a distinctly female point of view that allows for surprising intimacies.

Mills College Art Museum, Oakland, CA. January 18-March 11, 2012. Co-curated with Terri Cohn.